Make Haste to the Gym or It’s a Waste.

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Frequent Gym Scenario

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It’s time to go¬† work it out in the gym, but you’ve never been more tired. You drag your bag up the stairs to the gym, and then put on your gear. You walk out to the floor, then turn around an walk right back to the change room. Then you go sit in the sauna for 10 minutes and call it a night.

Tired but Wired

If this sounds like the majority of “work out’s” you’ve had in the past, it’s time to change what time you go to the gym. A lot of people go to the gym in the evenings. This is just counter intuitive. Workouts are supposed to give you energy, so unless you like sleeping at 1am, then it’s time to go earlier.

Drink Your Calories This Time

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Also, another rule of thumb for the gym is to never go hungry, but not to have eaten a large meal an hour beforehand. Some people like protein shakes as a stand in meal, but it’s better just to consume real whole foods. Have a smoothie made with ingredients that you can pronounce on the way over to the gym. It will be good fuel minus that too full feeling.

Do not Delay- Go to the Gym Right Away

Barring that it is not too late and you have not just eaten a 4 course meal, you will be happy to know that now might actually be the best time to hit the treadmill. Most people wait for a magic moment that never materializes, and they lose out on the health benefits of the gym for years. Don’t let good intentions go to waste and when you have a spare couple hours, spend them traveling to the gym, getting a full workout, then going home and showering. You rocking BMI will thank you later.

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