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Fried Rice
– 1 cup extra firm tofu
– 1 cup rice
– 2 cups mixed veggies
– Any spices you want, I use garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper

Spinach and Broccoli Pasta
– box of 12 ounce pasta
– 3 tbsp vegan butter
– 3 handfuls fresh spinach
– 2 1/2 cups vegan mozzarella shreds
– 1 tsp garlic powder
– 1 cup non-dairy milk
– sprinkle salt & pepper

Mashed Potato Quesadilla
– 2 medium tortillas
– 1 cup mashed potatoes
– 1 cup shredded cheese
– green onions

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2 Favorite Detox Home Recipe!

Ginger Healing Detox Tea with Turmeric

There has been a lot in the news lately about the amazing healing properties of turmeric, a free-radical-fighting antioxidant-rich curry spice that has been hailed as a defense against both cancer and Alzheimer’s. When we found this tasty recipe for a warming, detoxifying ginger-turmeric tea, we were thrilled: after the holiday season, we figured we could use some detoxing and healing!

Then we tasted it, and were totally hooked: it’s delicious! Ginger and turmeric combine with citrus and maple syrup to make the perfect blend of healing nutrients. We streamlined the recipe to make it ultra-easy, too:

2 cups water
1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger
1/2 teaspoon powdered turmeric
1 tablespoon maple syrup
Juice of 1/2 lemon

1. Bring water to a boil, then add powdered herbs. Simmer for 10 minutes.
2. Strain tea into a mug, add maple syrup and lemon, stirring to combine. Drink warm.
Makes 1 serving.

Spa Cuisine: Peachy Iced Green Tea – Detox Recipe

Drinking green tea may help you lose weight. According to clinical studies conducted by Dr. Abdul Dulloo, of the University of Geneva in Switzerland, green tea raises metabolic rates and speeds up fat oxidation. Green tea is also a great immune-enhancing health-booster and anti-cancer agent, with flavonoids and polyphenols thought to inhibit tumor formation.

So here is our easy-to-make recipe for green tea, but this one tastes so good you’ll never guess how good it is for you! A great, healthy thirst-quencher for hot summer days.
Simple Solution:


6 green tea teabags
6 cups cold water
2 ripe peaches, pitted and sliced
1. Place teabags in a large teapot or pitcher.
2. Put sliced peaches in a saucepan, add cold water, and bring to a brisk boil, then pour water and peaches over teabags.
3. Steep for 6 minutes, then add sweetener (maple syrup, honey or Succanat are recommended). Allow tea to cool, then refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.
4. Include a few peach slices in each glass and serve with a spoon, garnished with a sprig of mint, if you like.

Even Easier Alternative Method: Make a pitcher of green tea and add the contents of a can of organic sliced peaches. Chill thoroughly.
Makes 6 servings.

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Get Six Pack Abs In 4 Minutes

Get Six Pack Abs In 4 Minutes: Extreme Plank Workout!!


Hey guys what’s up, today to walk you through a super fast, super intense plank workouts that will really shred your core. Six Pack Abs In 4 Minutes: Extreme Plank Workout. Now this is a fantastic routine for you guys at home to do right from the comforts of your own living room if you’d like because it requires no equipment.

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If you want six pack abs fast, I recommend hitting this routine 3x a week. For best results, complete this routine first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast. This will wake up your body’s metabolism and trigger your body to go into fat-burning mode immediately. So if you commit to completing this workout 3x weekly, first thing in the morning, you can definitely start seeing your midsection transform in just a couple weeks – That’s why I call this the “4 minute six pack” routine!

Workout Breakdown:

30 seconds of the following exercises:
*Knee to elbow planks
*Plank jacks
*Alternating side plank holds
*Plank up-downs

1:12 – Knee to elbow planks

1:44 – Plank jacks

2:13 – Side plank holds

2:44 – Plank up-downs

3:32 – Round 2

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Cook Healthy Food! 10 Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas & Snacks for School, Work!

Cooking Healthy Food. 10 Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas & Snacks.

10 Healthy Breakfast ideas and Lunch Ideas on how to cook that healthy food! In this quick and easy how to healthy breakfast ideas and healthy lunch ideas tutorial I show what I eat in a day for breakfast, snacks, and lunch. I show 5 healthy breakfast ideas, which you can also have for a healthy snack and 5 healthy lunch ideas, all perfect for back to school or work. In this healthy recipes video you learn how to cook healthy meals and snacks at home.

From how to bake a bread at home to ice cream yogurt with fruit in a cone, everyone can cook these meals  perfect for teenagers, adults and healthy snacks for kids. Healthy eating is very important for your happy and healthy lifestyle. I show you what to eat to achieve that! This how to cook healthy food video is not about how to lose weight, but about healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lunch ideas.

5 healthy lunch recipes, perfect for back to school. You can prepare these lunches the day before and in the morning, you just take them with you to school or to work. Egg muffins with vegetables are the perfect example of a great lunch, which is tasty, nutritious and quick to make. All you need are some eggs, flour, a splash of milk and the veggies of your choice. Add some fresh or dried fruits and nuts into your lunch box for a tasty and balanced lunch.

Other lunch options are tuna wraps, ham rolls, salad in a jar and homemade spelt bread sandwich. In this healthy what I eat in a day video I show you how to bake your own spelt bread from scratch. It is easier and quicker than you can imagine. Since I learned this recipe I have never bought bread again. I always bake it myself.

Paleo Recipe Guide To Healthy Eating.

Eating healthy on the go is not easy. When we get hungry, we usually end up grabbing a slice of pizza or a chocolate bar from the vending machine. I hope this what I eat in a day video will inspire you to pay attention on the food you eat. What we consume affects our mood and health. Therefore it is important to eat nutritious and healthy food. In this breakfast ideas I show you that healthy food can be quick and easy to make, delicious and perfect.

Make Haste to the Gym or It’s a Waste.

Frequent Gym Scenario

It’s time to go  work it out in the gym, but you’ve never been more tired. You drag your bag up the stairs to the gym, and then put on your gear. You walk out to the floor, then turn around an walk right back to the change room. Then you go sit in the sauna for 10 minutes and call it a night.

Tired but Wired

If this sounds like the majority of “work out’s” you’ve had in the past, it’s time to change what time you go to the gym. A lot of people go to the gym in the evenings. This is just counter intuitive. Workouts are supposed to give you energy, so unless you like sleeping at 1am, then it’s time to go earlier.

Drink Your Calories This Time

Also, another rule of thumb for the gym is to never go hungry, but not to have eaten a large meal an hour beforehand. Some people like protein shakes as a stand in meal, but it’s better just to consume real whole foods. Have a smoothie made with ingredients that you can pronounce on the way over to the gym. It will be good fuel minus that too full feeling.

Do not Delay- Go to the Gym Right Away

Barring that it is not too late and you have not just eaten a 4 course meal, you will be happy to know that now might actually be the best time to hit the treadmill. Most people wait for a magic moment that never materializes, and they lose out on the health benefits of the gym for years. Don’t let good intentions go to waste and when you have a spare couple hours, spend them traveling to the gym, getting a full workout, then going home and showering. You rocking BMI will thank you later.

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Important Tips on Working out and Staying Healthy

The key to a happy life is staying healthy and fit. The following tips will help achieve that.

Tip 1. Set targets
Start with simple goals and improve on them as you continue to achieve them. The goals should be realistic and achievable. You can easily get frustrated and quit if you set ambitious goals.

Tip 2. Make exercise a daily routine and be consistent.
Busy schedule and there is no time for exercise just sum up the excuses many people make. The truth is you can prioritize work out just like your official work. Include training in your work schedule just like you would any other important plans. You can use the stairs rather that the lift at your workplace. At home, you can engage in a physical such as peddling a stationary bike activity while watching TV.

Tip 3. Maintain a healthy diet.
Healthy eating is essential for health and fitness. It is recommended to include at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source of most essential minerals and vitamins. Reduce the intake of deep fried, oily foods and other fast foods. Put a balance on carbohydrates because if consumed in excess, they lead to overweight conditions. Ensure you drink plenty of fresh water at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. Water helps you look fresh and radiant.

Tip 4. Find a friend.
Finding a partner to exercise is great. They make exercising enjoyable and motivate you to achieve your target.

Tip 5. Make exercising enjoyable.
Exercise must not be dull else the chances of quitting increase. There are many cardio exercises to engage in. They include volleyball, dancing, martial arts, jogging, and gym. Other options include cycling indoors or outdoors, swimming and walking.

Tip 6. Allow time to relax.
There is a host of serious health problems associated with stress and tension. Relaxing is a productive way of dealing with stress and anxiety, and the body requires it. People prone to stress risk acquiring heart-related conditions and an unproductive life.

Tip 7. Avoid activities that put your health at risk.
Finally, shun activities such as smoking, alcoholism and any other form of drug abuse. Engaging in these activities can affect health and deteriorate your regular exercising.

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